Shrinking the OTC derivative markets. Stop transferring so much risk; It undermines going concern status.

It’s been a while since I last posted. You have enough to read. But sometimes issues are so fundamental to a debate – and get such little airing – that I must make the point. And twitter, whilst my preferred medium, isn’t sufficient. So, whilst carrying on my day job of re-plumbing some elements of the credit system, I’ll write the odd blog. More importantly, I want to engage constructively in the ongoing debate about financial regulation which will include the odd comment on other blog posts. This is partly because the debate  and our regulators have a bank bias whilst fairly ignorant of insurance regulation.

Regarding the point of this particular post, there has been some comment following suggestions last week that policymakers are actively seeking a reduction in the size of the OTC derivatives markets. I offer my thoughts in the comments section of the Streetwise Prof’s article.

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