"The only risk of failure is promotion." Scott Adams

A catastrophe underwriter  for 20 years specializing in high risk industries worldwide. American International Group’s Regional Manager of Global Energy business in the Middle East, Mediterranean, Southern Asia, and Africa. Chief Underwriter for a joint Venture between AIG & Berkshire Hathaway following 9/11,  leveraging two AAA-rated companies to fill an insurance chasm left across insurance markets.

In 2006, I began developing a funding and credit risk transfer methodology that improved  risk visibility and reduced both corporate and bank funding costs; Ironic, as in another part of AIG, credit protection was being sold on risk they couldn’t see, price, measure or value. The rest is history.

Our company, Scute Consulting, advises on funding methodologies that ease funding costs yet strengthen corporate governance and risk management. Better  than any banker right now  can offer.

I have applied professional skepticism to judging gaps between what management were accountable for and what they actually controlled for 20 years; a fault line around which financial outcomes from shortfalls in the accountability and remuneration of executives emerge. Now  improving  companies financial performance by making risk more transparent and giving them more control of the funding process.

David McKibbin


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